OPPO A9 2020: The gaming beast with 8GB RAM under BDT 25000


OPPO Bangladesh has introduced its latest offering, the OPPO A9 2020 under BDT 25000, that comes with a combination of 8GB RAM, 11nm Snapdragon 665 mobile platform and powered by a monstrous 5000mAh battery.

This combination offers a non-stop superfast performance that comes at an affordable BDT 24,990 price tag. Currently, OPPO is taking pre-orders for the phone and the first sale will be commenced from September 27.

Recently OPPO Bangladesh introduced the ‘OPPO A9 2020’ smartphone in Bangladesh. This latest offering from OPPO is designed in such a way that this affordable smartphone has the potentials to be the gaming device for hard-core gamers with a powerful 8GB RAM and Snapdragon 665 mobile platform. To complement the requirements of high-intensive games such as PUBG, this phone is powered by a monstrous 5000mAh battery. Mentioning the specifications only will never portray the true utility of this smartphone. With all the ideal specifications to be flagship terminator, the OPPO A9 2020 comes at just BDT 24,990.

Multi-tasking becomes challenging for any smartphone that comes with smaller RAM. Especially the medium-range smartphone users suffer most since those phones usually come with smaller RAM. Considering this feature, OPPO has designed an affordable smartphone that comes with an 8GB RAM for unmatched user experience in terms of multi-tasking and high-intensive gaming. RAM works as such a store where memory is kept for near future use. For instance, if a user is playing a game suddenly the user gets a call, the game will be stored in RAM and once the call is over, the game resumes instantly. As a result, bigger RAM is always better for lightning performance from the phone. Bigger RAM reduces the possibilities of force closing of background apps and OPPO A9 2020 ensures the same with its gigantic 8GB RAM. To complement the heavy-duty processing capability, this new smartphone comes with OPPO Game Boost 2.0 technology. ‘Game Boost 2.0’ offers the superior gaming experience by increasing the sensitivity of the screen and enhancing the processing speed. Game boost also helps reducing over-heating, lagging and frame drop issues.

Regarding the OPPO A9 2020, Iono Liu, Brand Manager of OPPO Bangladesh says, “There is a common perception that affordable smartphones come with the inferior specification. Our vision was to break this norm and introduce a smartphone that comes with superior processing capability without costing a fortune. Smartphones are now required to perfume multiple tasks ranging from gaming to content processing. OPPO A9 2020 will surely fulfil the era-defining requirements.”

OPPO Bangladesh is currently taking pre-booking orders for OPPO A9 2020. Sales of this smartphone will commence on 27 September 2019.

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